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Leveling Pads/Foot

A leveling foot, also known as an adjustable leveling glide or leveling mount, is a component used to stabilize and level equipment or furniture on uneven surfaces. It is designed to provide stability, balance, and support to ensure the proper functioning and safety of the object it is attached to.

Sheet metal Leveling Foot

TVI SM5810100, TVI SM6010150, TVI SM6012100, TVI SM6012150, TVI SM6016100 & TVI SM6016150.

Sheet metal Leveling Foot Grouting

TVI SMG5810100G, TVI SMG5810150G, TVI SMG 6012100G, TVI SMG 6012150G, TVI SMG 6016100 & TVI SMG 6016150.


Solid Leveling Foot

TVI S5810100, TVI S5810150, TVI S6012100, TVI S6012150, TVI S7816100 & TVI S7816150.

Polymaide Leveling Foot

TVI PM7010100, TVI PM7012100,, TVI PM8016100 & TVI PM8016150.

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